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Does Phone Couples Counseling Work?


Isn’t it More effective to Go to a Professional in Person, than to Work with Them over The Phone?


That’s what I believed, IN THE PAST. Years ago, I was working with a couple that taught me otherwise. They were moving out of the area and asked to continue working with me. I told them that I had never worked with clients by phone because I assumed that it wouldn’t be as effective as seeing them in person. 


I said that I was happy to teach them how to find someone else that would be local to them. They said “we’ve been to a lot of therapists before we found you and you’ve helped us more than all the rest put together. Since you’ve never done phone therapy before, we’re asking you to give it a try with us when we move.”


 I told them that I was willing to try but would not continue if I felt it wasn’t as effective as the work that I was doing with them face to face. To my surprise, it was just as effective. They started referring new friends and work associates to me for couple counseling, who never had and never would see me in person. Again to my surprise, they were getting the same level of results as my in person couple clients.


At this point in time, I work with many of my clients by phone. Even many of my local clients choose to work with me by phone because they’ve found it’s just as effective and they have a zero commute time.


Thus, in terms of getting good results, I no longer believe there’s an advantage for you to work with a therapist in person. If you prefer to, that’s fine. Again, the key criteria is that you go to a therapist who is highly trained, experienced, specializes in saving relationships, you feel comfortable with them, and they’ll give you skills and strategies as opposed to just sitting and listening or playing the referee.


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